Planes on more tablets

Hello, i have bought the A320 but I want to play it on my tablet but i have bought it on my fathers tablets, is it possible to play it on my tablet without a new purchase?

With the same user ID and password sure. With different ID no. I have 4 of my devices using the app under the same user ID

Not sure if there’s a divide between platforms ie iOS, Win, Goog, however within those platforms I’m sure it’s transferable under restore purchases … I’ve done it from one Goog Device to another.

I have the same Apple ID for my iPhone and iPad but I can’t download it on my phone without paying for the app again? Any suggestions?

On the same Apple account, you can go through the purchase, but they won’t charge you.

Ok I was just worried because it doesn’t have the cloud that you can press it just has the price?

It’ll say that you can buy it, then it’ll say "You have already purchased this, downloading now for free…

Thank you it worked!😀