Planes not showing up

I normally fly infinite flight on my iPad but when I joined multiplayer on my phone, no planes show up. My phone is an iPhone XS Max. I never have this issue on my iPad.

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What are your settings on airplane count? settings —> live —> airplane count

It’s on high

Do you have hide airplane names and hide airplane dots checked?

Yes, even when it’s on; planes do not show up either

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Did you download IF on your phone recently (last version)?
And have you downloaded all planes?

No. Hmmm that might be the issue

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Click Download All Planes (over cellular data).

Also…active ATC and 3 on the runway, nice. I pray you were on TS.


the only planes that will show up are the downloaded ones
try downloading some planes (if you have space) then you should see that that aircraft type is rendered
hope you find this useful

Theres no ATIS, so its safe to assume its TS…

I just had this issue and it was related to my connection I believe. I had come in behind a string of a 10+ flight and tried to free cam to get them some pics. Their planes kept appearing and disappearing as I moved around them.

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