Planes not on ATC Map and can't provide instructions

I have just attempted to control PANC in the Train server. There were 16 planes present at the time. I was on Ground and Tower frequency.

However, on th map only 8 aircrafts were there. However, those missing aircrafts requests could be heard and I noticed the orange blinking as usual. However, I couldn’t respond to them. The only options were misc messages, and frequency change and some others.

I tried to re-download the app and it was of no help.

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This might just be because people didn’t tune out of your frequency and they contacted far, far, far away.

This is a known issue, as well as IFATC. If your own internet connection or the connection of your pilots isn’t good enough they won’t show up correctly or you won’t have all commands to send.

There were on ground at the time. So there was no reason for them to not show up.

Oh, then definitely someone contacted ground in the air.

Oh I see. It’s really difficult to control and can’t provide services at events even. However, I have a good 40mbps of speed so do you think it could be the other pilots internet issues?

Internet issues or not, I can still use full commands. You said that you were describing partial commands? If so, then it must be that there’s people in the air that contacted ground.

Definitely not. This is a coordinated event so I am in contact with everyone through discord and they all were on ground.

That’s weird, can you post the replay by any chance?

So what I have noticed is that it only happens on the Ground frequency. Other frequencies aren’t affected. Unfortunately I don’t have the replay. As @Georgios_P said it’s a known issue so I’ll let it be fixed going on. Thanks for the help everyone!

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