Planes not loading

So i was just gonna test 19.4 and the other player are not loading in so i cant see them do you guys know why

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It’s probably your wifi

if you go into your settings and under live you can turn the airplane count up, just be careful as this may slow your device speed down


@Majonespudding Its not much of a thing they can fix the servers a backed up you just have to wait until the server has space to load you in or what not.

Same Problems Here, just hear the ATC but I can’t see player names and Planes from others…

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he is talking about other players not loading in visually for him not that he cant load onto the servers


check your settings that you have name tags and boxes on and that your airplane count is turned up

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Thanks guy 1 we have the best wifi in the neiburhoud (sorry for my english) 2 i dont think IT will slow my device down cause i GOT a iPad pro

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Ya Ive seen that before to. Give the game a sec. Its gonna be funky cuz everyone is trying to get to the same thing right now.

I have done IT thx for the help

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no problem any other issues, my PM’s are always open

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We’re restarting the Training Server now to see if the issue resolves.


Ok we for hope that works

Well, try. It’s looks fine here now :)


Ok im send a Message if IT dosent work

Ok so now the white te dots wont Even aper IT is probaly because we need to give IT Time but i think IT is best to just say it

And this is on the training server?
Are you sure you are at some place where there’s people?

Yes IT is on training server and i was at London Heathrow

Ugh, yeah it seems to be the same again. It was fine after the restart…

I guess we gutta give IT time or are you guys gonna restart one more time.