Planes not loading in Live


Im currently using and Android Galaxy S5. Whenever I go onto a live server, all the planes are registering as unknown. Occasionally there is one plane that loads in, but everyone else doesn’t. I just wanted to know if anyone else is having this problem. It also seems that I can’t use ATC neither. I never get a response back.


Could be a couple of things:

  • Internet connection

  • Older version of IF

  • Bug

Have you tried restarting your device and deleting and reinstalling the app?


Also, try turning on your aircraft count higher if able :)

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That shouldn’t cause planes to show up as unknown . . .


Is this what your talkin bout, it happened to me the other day. I was holding short and this other guy callsogn southwest 240 was landinf but i mever saw his plane
That it was funny i was waitin for an imaginary plane to land.

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Close but no. Every plane says unknown. Its not that I have the plane count low. This has got to be some sort of glitch.

I still have the same issue. I will try to upload a screen shot of it. It is still happening. It is not the aircraft count neither. I checked that already also.

Since you haven’t downloaded the aircraft it doesn’t show it so the game downloads it in the background so when it’s completed the download the aircraft will appear. And if you buy the aircraft you won’t need to download it anymore. I think it’s an option in settings.

if it was he wont be able to fly live at all

Do you use WiFi or 3G

What device do you have? Jailbroken, etc?

Well this can’t be because I have all of the aircraft in the game. I didn’t have this problem until last week.

I use mostly 4G.

It could be that your 4G is not too strong so only some planes appear?

If the problem persists, maybe contact your carrier?

Samsung Galaxy S5. It is not Jail Broken, Ive had the game since it came out.

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Ok the term for Jailbroken in Android is “Rooted”, so is your phone rooted?

As far as I know, no. You mean did I screw with some of the files to get planes? If so no.

If you haven’t downloaded a plane it won’t show in live if someone else is flying it? Sure about that?

Yes Sir, every single one of them are downloaded.

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Well Carson, you remember the “KLM A380”? That guy’s device didn’t download the file properly so this is plausible actually?