Planes not loading in at FACT Airport

So I’m sitting here in the Remote stand at FACT but I only see 1 plane:

Now you might be saying “Well that’s because there is only one plane”, this is not the case as on the map there around several planes:

Is there any solution to this, I tried restarting my app multiple times.

Hi, can you check what is your “airplane count” setting in Live?

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Hi @sqeezelemon so I have it set to Very High:

Alrighty, how’s your internet speed and are you on wifi or mobile?

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Mobile Data, my WiFi is down at the moment.

Well there’s your problem: tick the “automatic airplane downloads over cellular data” also in the live menu and you should see more of them. You won’t see all of course, because any phone won’t be able to handle it, but you should still see more than 1


I’ll try that now, thanks!

Yup that’s working now, thanks for your help @sqeezelemon!

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