Planes not appearing in live

Hey! when i go into live when i join the planes will not render in. idk if its a internet problem but its annoying.

so please give me a solution or something. thanks!

Hey! Whats your graphics settings on? Also have you tried clearing the cache?

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Try to restart IF also if you havent done so or restarting your device

WELL i run it on a iphone 7 on highest graphics and yes i have tried to clear the cache

Okay, does this problem happen both on WiFi and Cellar or just one or the other? Also how much space is left on the phone? Also try lowering the settings and see if that helps

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What is your airplane count setting in?


some times when airports are really busy it will cut out some planes even though you have everything on high.

A silly question… Do you have this issue with every aircraft type on IF?
If you don’t have the aircraft installed on your device, they will not render in on live mode.

ok and yes both…i am trying to restart to see if it works’

I have a similar issue and typically found it is simply caused by either a busy airport or bad connection from being on too long or weather outside. or some combination and typically a restart of the app fixes everything.

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How ive dealt with it is if atc can see you just follow instructions and use your map as a secondary way to know where planes are once you leave the airspace for a quieter one it should start showing you airplanes again.

I think you need to download the air planes for them to show. Have you done this?

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