Planes Needed to be Downloaded

Hi everyone! So yesterday, I opened Infinite Flight, and saw that a few planes that I have needed to be updated. The ones that I paid for had an orange box with an arrow, and the free ones had a green box with an arrow.

I have the 767, 772, 77F, 77W, and 788. There also was the a318 that also had to be downloaded too. Does anyone know why this happened? Is it in preparation for something?


It usually happens after an app crash or similar. Not caused by any ”preparations”


Adding on to what Seb said, this may sometimes happen if your device is running low on storage, particularly on iOS. If you’ve purchased them, they can be redownloaded for free.

In most occasions we don’t send “preparatory” updates, but in the case that we do, the button would say “Update” instead of “Download” (this will be a bit clearer in the next update).