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I am using a 1+ 7 pro android phone for Infinite Flight. The problem is I cant see any other planes, they are present in my view but I just see flight number. What are the best settings to use to be able to see other planes move around airport etc?

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You can change the displayed airplane count to high in the settings (for Live)

Also you can activate the automatic download of aircrafts via mobile connection (if that’s what you’re using) there.

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No problem, hope that helps, otherwise don’t hesitate to post again!

is there a way of loading all the planes together? it seems i have to start off in airport to load a plane every time…


More specifically here

I can't see any other aircraft when flying online?

This is most likely because they’re not downloaded to your device.

Go to Settings in the app, then select the “Live” tab. Adjust the “Airplane count” to an appropriate amount

IMPORTANT: The higher you have the airplane count set to, the more performance demanding on your device.

Also, if you are using cellular you need to make sure to have “Automatic airplane download on cellular” checked!

That should do the trick!


Thanks @TransportForLife for your post!

@bee9791 I hope the information provide answers your questions!

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