Planes in their regions

Just a quick question, do you fly planes only in the regions they would fly in in real life? Eg. Only flying the Ryanair 737 in European regions or the Southwest 737 in American regions, etc.

  • 1.Yes, and I expect others to do the same too
  • 2.Yes, but I don’t mind what others do
  • 3.Most of the time
  • 4.No

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I fly the Infinite Flight / FDS liveries a lot. Not sure where they’re supposed to fly besides SoCal and San Francisco but I fly them anywhere. FDS does have a global audience ;)


I suppose the FDS livery can be excluded seeing as it doesn’t really fly anywhere in real life, should’ve thought of that really😄.

Most of the liveries I fly are the ones that aren’t linked to any countries (C750 liveries). But if not, usually.

I fly my favorite livery anywhere.

I mostly fly FDS livery too