Planes getting uninstalled

I have this problem where my aircrafts sometimes get uninstalled for some reason and I have to reinstall them any idea why is this happening and how to solve it ? I am using iOS version

Maybe because you don’t have enough drive space?

lol I don’t ? I have 128GB

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I have 99.98 GB left in my iPad

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Well then I’m sorry, I don’t know:-/

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Yeah thanks for trying

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This has happened to me before… No idea what was causing it


If you are a Live+ account holder make sure that you are logged in. Because you are renting aircraft with Live+ if you are not logged into your account the aircraft will be blocked from usage and may require you to redownload them. It has happened to me before when I logged on without stable internet and the connection dropped in the middle of logging on.


I am not live+ only normal live and I bought the aircrafts/downloaded

This has happened to me before actually. A dodgy internet connection will occasionally cause some of your device’s sync to misread which can cause the variable for the aircraft to become false - you haven’t downloaded it. The only work around, is to ensure you always have a stable internet connection. Also, try closing some background apps as these can occasionally slow down the connection and cause the sync failure. As for a permanent fix, I have never found one. What device are you using? If it is old, it could be performance issues

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It’s iPad Air 2 it’s not old got it like 4 months ago

How often does this happpen?

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Like every 2 days I plane gets uninstalled and images too and it says download to download it again :/

This has happened to me maybe 2 or 3 times over the past few months. I have live+ and have downloaded all of the aircraft. Sometimes the app will crash and when I reopen the app, I must redownload that airplane that I just had selected I don’t find it such a big deal but it’s not a bad idea to report it. Take care.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling IF. Also, how many different accounts do you have registered to your device? As this could be the cause of the problem

Only 1 account on my device and I did reinstall the game

Sorry then - that’s all my ideas gone

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But thanks for at least trying

Thanks for the support message and we are sorry to see you’re experiencing difficulty. What is your current username and callsign? I’d like to check your account and make sure we see no issues on our end before proceeding!



Sometimes when the aircraft or app is updated on IF, the plane that was impacted may have to be reinstalled. This happens to me when planes are updated. You just have to reinstall the plane, no real solutions. Hope this helps!