Planes Forever

Hey guys!

I was thinking about buying another month sub (since I don’t have the money for pro) but then I realised that having the 1 month sub means you have everything for only one month, and same with the yearly sub. You only get everything for a limited amount of time. Instead of buying the yearly every, or the monthly every month, how about we have a subscription where you can buy al the planes, all at once for one time only. This means that you don’t have to keep buying these 1, 6, 12 month to subs.

FDS will still have to make money somehow and this will be covered where you buy a sub to get online and to get the world. They would obviously be cheaper because it doesn’t include the planes but it still has the online and global.

My whole point of this topic was for people to be able to buy all the planes at once and forever, it would probably increase popularity since it isn’t as expensive to buy everything and now you would have all the planes forever.

I agree with you BUT- That could mean that the prices of the subscription could double, and the devs would get less money. It would be hard to manage the app.