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What planes do delta operate for the KPDX-RJTT, KPDX-EHAM routes. And what plane will BA use for there KPDX-EGLL route and flightradar24 can help you out with this 😁 Have fun flying Stay safe go wash the dirty gator paws


British Airways will operate a 788 to Portland, although this has not begun yet (do you won’t find it on the websites). As for the other ones, just use FlightAware and FlightRadar24 as said above


I know that Delta Airlines (DL) use their B767-300 from KPDX-EHAM. For the KPDX-RJAA, DL used their B767-300 while the KPDX-RJTT route is operated by the A330-200.

For British Airways (BA), they will use their B787-8 IF they even decide to inaugurate the route (coronavirus πŸ˜•). For DL, who was supposed to begin the route tomorrow/today, April 26,2020, between KPDX-EGLL, they were supposed to the use the B767-400. They too seem to be not inaugurating this route anytime soon however

Hope this helps! 😁

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PDX-AMS was supposed to be on the A330-200 from late March, but the route was suspended.

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