Planes flying backwards

Just curious, sometimes I see airplanes on the taxiway, in the air or on the runway going backwards. Has this to do with my device?

Operating system:

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I don’t think it’s because when you look at some live infinite flight or aviator dan the phenomenon is visible.🤷


this usually happens when that user’s internet connection is bad or when their game crashes


As this is a known issue, It is caused by the other users connection, sometimes yours. Whenever signal cus for a couple of seconds, that occurs ;)



Sometimes you just be taxiing and suddenly you’re en route to the moon 🚀

Internet issues usually cause it but they’ll come back when the internet gets back on track.

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I thought you died? 14MAY22/1200Z - In Memory of PilotChrisSG @KATL

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This also happens sometimes whilst I am doing ATC and is extremely annoying for me as I don’t know if the planes are taxiing through each other or not. In addition to going backwards, I also see them go diagonally, up, and down. It usually happens when someone has bad connection, either me or the pilot/pilots. It usually fixes itself after a few seconds.

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Well this is rather awkward…

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