Planes disappearing whilst controlling

Me and a whole team of IFATC controllers were controlling FAOR today for the FNF. Wanting to deliver smooth service well that didn’t go well. All planes started disappearing and re-appearing randomly making controlling horrendous which forced most of us to close. What is going on and can it be fixed?

Device: iPad 8th gen iPadOS 14

Thanks in Advance ;)


I had exactly the same problem before I handed it to you lol.
I don’t really know what is going on but the fact that planes disappear all the time makes controlling very difficult. I’m also using an iPad, the 2019 pro one.

If anyone has any idea that would help, because I would love to control more but don’t want to take the risk and deliver bad service.

Thanks in advance for the help :)



Are you using a VPN? Also if you could share a replay that would be awesome. I saw a instance where the game would hide the plane and on this top right of the screen it shows:

Plane Disappeared < 10000 

If it does in-fact say that it will be interesting. Like I said this was fixed without using a VPN for the other person. Me personally have never experienced this.



I had my planes set to 35000 and I wasn’t using a VPN 😞

I also noticed when I’m flying. I’d see 20 -30 planes the like 10 or so disappear for a few seconds and reappear. I thought it was just me.



Unable to see some aircraft on map or communicate as ATC

This is the other topic like this one. Take a look at it.

On the controller list and on the map they just go

Poof 🥺

I looked at that topic before I made this lol 😂

I wanted to see if anyone else had it

Ouch I could imagine the plane. Having those 30 aircraft on your radar disappear and reappear.

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Yep that is why I closed

@Average_Gamer You were GTS Correct?

I’ll add on I’ve mentioned it other places but I have the same issues. Radar is the only frequency I can control and if I have aircraft fly over the airport for their approach, they’ll disappear as well. I know other team members have the same issues.

I also have the issue when flying, some planes just disappear and will reappear a little bit later.

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Hmm strange that it happens only for local frequencies… actually, when all my planes disappear, they reappear after a little while but not on my frequency and I have to just tap on each of them to make them reappear again, its kind of annoying :/
I don’t know if it was the same for you @Average_Gamer ?

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Yep! It doesn’t come back on frequency which also makes controlling hard …

I was TS someone else had G and also experienced it …

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I’ve been wanting to make a topic on this actually, I just get busy. Thanks for bring it up!

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Same issue here. It really sucks to not be able to control a busy local frequency.

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No worries!

Yep I was planning to be open at FAOR for around 3 hours but had to close early

I was on G with @Average_Gamer and was having the same issue. This has happened before to me at FAOR, only there :(

I did get good FACT session though so can’t complain

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