Planes disappearing in busy airports

I’ve noticed for some time that planes have been disappearing and they only reappear when you get really close to people. But it’s
Not only disappear its also:

Flying magically
Sinking into the ground
Reversing at insane speeds

But I tried using liveflight but it shows the same problem but liveflight is still useful as I can see the planes on there that disappeared on my screen

Sometimes it’s really frustrating because when you land into a busy airport you can see the planes and out of nowhere their names have a orange colour and dissappear and after a while half the planes that disappeared reappear
And sometimes disappear again

(same colour as the disconnect)

Device: Samsung A33 5G
Operating system: Android 13

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This topic might help :)

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Did it work?

No sadly i have the plane count on very high but still didn’t work :(

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Try restarting your device. In worst case scenario, you might have to reinstall IF. Note that all replays will be deleted.

Yeah ok ill try those

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Yeah i think it’s something to do servers after the expert Beta sever came out
I noticed this bug but before it was ok

Thanks for your help

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