Planes disapearing on map

I was controlling EGLL ground and once in a while the planes would just disappear on the map but I still see them from the tower and I see them connected to the frequency. I am sure that I had a stable connection. I restarted the app and it continued to happen.

My guess would be that they lost connection and they disappeared off the map before they despawned. How frequent was it happening and to how many aircraft?


Could you check what your “airplane count” is in the App settings? It could happen that it is not a large amount and due to drops in connection they could stop being visible.

most of the planes would disappear around every 5 minutes

This happens from time to time.

  • Single Pilot - If an individual goes away and comes back it may be their connection
  • Groups - Groups disappearing may be your connection or something on the server side. This is more noticeable at busy airports during peak times like a FNF.

All you can do is ensure your connection is solid. Reboot your device prior. Are you using a VPN by chance? Sometimes that can cause some unwanted behavior from time to time.

no my airplane count is very high and not all of the planes disappeared, if my connection were to drop then all of them would disappear

Not necessarily, different aircraft have different cache and storage used to show them, which is why for example heavies would disappear and GA would still be visible if this would happen again.

That’s new to me. You’re talking about something else. The user is having issues with aircraft’s on the map.


Oh, apologies I thought it was the other way round. Sorry!

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