Planes before Global

All of my planes from before the global update have disappeared and the restore purchases button is no longer there. I have spent about £15-£20 on the game**


Restart the game and restore purchases should be there.

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Try restarting IF and your device then press ‘Restore Purchases’ again and see if that works.


Nope. Not for me

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Can you send a screenshot of what you are seeing and also what version of Infinite Flight are you playing?

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Are you on the same account used when you purchased these aircraft?

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Can you see these aircraft at all? If you can’t you need to make sure the checkbox for Legacy Airplanes is checked on.

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I am on the latest version and all of my old planes are now locked

Can you please.

• Log Out
• Log In
• Click restore purchases.

Log out of???

Your infinite flight account

I got them back now thanks

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Make sure you tick the solution box 😉

Good job everyone and thanks for the help 😎