Planes after reinstall

Will my paid planes deleted when i reinstall the app?

They will be uninstalled but not deleted from your account, but you will have to re-download them by restoring the purchases.


What? I don’t understand if your trying to say they deleted or if your telling us they actually deleted.

You will not have to pay for them again, but it will take some time to reinstall all of them.

Where i can restore the purchases?

Hi there! Here’s a step by step guide:

  1. Open App
  2. Select Fly Solo
  3. Press select aircraft
  4. In the bottom right press the button restore purchases
  5. Put in Apple ID or Androids equivalent
  6. You should get your purchased aircraft back

Hope this helps :)


It’s not hard at all to understand…

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Thanks, but my ERJ-195 doesnt restored. When i tap on this, i see only “Purchase” =/

Are you sure it wasn’t the 170, 175 or 190

Are you sure you purchased this aircraft?

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Yes, i sure. I purchased it yesterday

Maybe the transaction failed? Have you flown it?

Sure, i flown. Many times

If this is happening please contact a staff member

Contact @david he may be able to help.

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Just press purchase. It you have bought it before, you won’t be charged a 2nd time.

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I think this is the solution. It should say download next to the previously purchased plane… Just tried it.

Sometimes it says “Purchase”. Been there, done that. :)

Have you pressed the restore purchases button?

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Just tap on “restore purchases.” It will reinstall all your purchases for free and you won’t have to worry about purchasing them again. If one of your aircrafts/regions is not restored, just purchase/tap on it again and then a message will come up asking you to install it again for free.