PlaneLover's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello guys! I am practicing to join IFATC, but I cannot yet as I do not have 60 days since my last ghost.
Feel Free to join in if you would like! Any questions/comments/concerns about my controlling? Leave them down below! I’d appreciate some constructive cristicm! Thanks!


Now open at KFLL!

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Coming through~!

Awesome! Feel free to rate my service!

If your open tomorrow or next day I’ll be there

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Roger that! I’ll probably be there tomorrow! I might be flying the FNF though

@Menthesuphisth Are you N427PT?

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Why wouldn’t you just request remaining in the pattern?

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I will be closing in 10-20 minutes. Thanks to those who joined and intend on coming soon!

Hey, thanks for controlling first ting

  • Asked for transition
    You said 2000, however, the correct answer was 2500. If you click on the first circle you see SFC -> 2500ft. Use then the 2500ft

  • Cleared for the option.
    I requested T and G, and you first cleared me for the option without traffic. However, you corrected youself by clearning my for the option again but then with traffic. But, rather than use the command Stand-bye, use the correction button (Correction, disregard last message or correction, standbye).

  • Runway change
    Nice, that you sequenced me! But don’t forget to clear me for the option! It is always better if you sequence me to directly (to) clear me for the option/landing, since either way I have to follow the aircraft you assigned me to :-)!

  • Cleared for the option
    If somebody is cleared for the option the pilot can do a full stop/fly low (e.g. 100ft above the RWY) and do a touch and go. If a pilot want to land, then he/she/it will report the aircraft position and say “Final, Full stop”, this means that the pilot is going inbound and will go taxi to parking after landing.

So if somebody is cleared and say that they will do a full stop for the option use “Roger” and not the “Already clrd to land, duplicate” button ;-)! As the person land give them an Exit runway command and then you’re done!

Thanks for controlling tho!!

If I am not correct, please correct me then :)


Oh wow! Thanks for the words! I will keep these things in mind for next time. I am a bit shaky with transitions, and I never thought about “Final, Full Stop”, and how it would change things. All other things were probably stupid mistakes from which I falsely learnt. I really do appreciate you coming though!

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That is because I wanted to play a little bit and wanted to ask for transition etc :-). sorry for the confusion!

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Haha no problem! Thanks for coming out!

Will be closing T/G in less than 5 minutes


I was N316WA.

Before I start, nicely done. You seemed to have a solid grasp of pattern entries, sequencing, and clearances. Now, on to the feedback:

Now, this was the biggest mistake you made. You cleared me at an altitude that was much too low for the scenario. The transition altitude it the lowest altitude I can pass over your airspace at. You should give me 2500 AGL, and round up.

For example, if your airport elevation is 2,200 feet, transition altitude would be 5,000 feet (MSL).
(2500 and round up!)
This is because you want 1500 feet for aircraft in the pattern and 1000 feet for separation.

By giving me a 1000 foot transition, you allowed me to fly very low over the airport, and it could cause separation issues if there was traffic in the pattern.

Pattern Entry
Pattern entry was great! Good choice of runway. Only thing is your option clearance should have been earlier. You could have cleared me right after pattern entry.
Nicely done catching your mistake on the landing clearance!

Go around
Perfectly handled :)

Runway Change
Perfect as well!

Second pattern
Overall good. Clearance was once again a bit late, but still.

The main issue is when you told me to avoid unnecessary reports. Normally, that would be appropriate, but I had been cleared for the option and that gave me the right to do anything. Many pilots will let the controller know when their next pattern will be a full stop rather than a touch and go. Instead of reprimanding the aircraft at hand, just say roger. They are helping you out!

Runway Exit
Was a tad late, but good otherwise.

Overall, nicely done! Keep practicing, and be sure to check out all the available resources to you, such as #tutorials and the IF youtube page.

Thanks so much for the words. I hope to see you again tomorrow! I am going to watch some videos on transitions, and making sure I know about full stops/reporting pattern positions as well! I hope to see you in IFATC in the coming months!

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I will be closing now. Thanks to everyone who joined!

Feel free to send me a PM if you have any airports you would like me to open at! I’d love to see what the community has in store for me!

Hi guys! I am open at Fort Lauderdale now (-:

Thanks for controlling!!!

Nice transition! Only 1 thing to give you as feedback… When you cleared me for the option (first) you already commanded me to go ‘right traffic’, henceforward it was not needed to clear me again with the traffic pattern, since you already said it to me :). So only clear me then for the option! Same goes for commanding me pattern instructions :-) when I took off, since I already know which traffic to go :-).

But nice controlling!!!

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