Plane yaws hard left during takeoff only

Hello! I read an old post from someone that was describing this issue but the thread was closed. Frequently in the Cirrus and 208 the aircraft will abruptly yaw to the left during takeoff. Is the game programmed to react the way GA aircraft actually do with the propeller wash hitting the tail? In more recent instances I’ve been paying attention to the winds and crosswind isn’t always a factor when it happens. Thanks in advance.

Its wind knot factor.

Maybe just simply turn right.

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Yeah right haha LOL


Yes I know right rudder helps it.

This happens to me with the 737…

Oh really? I haven’t had it happen with the larger ones.

When I pull up the plane turns to the left.

This is because of the wind.

It happens to me even without wind, can be the weight?

No it’s not the weight. Are you sure you not rotating to fast and turning while you rotate?

Well, I guess I’m rotating a little bit hard…

Your planes yaws left for many reasons. One of the reasons why the planes yaws left during takeoff is something called the P-factor of the airplanes. If you want to read more about P-factor and how it affects an airplane read here: The other reason is because of the torque of the engine. The prop(in the case of a prop) is always spinning to the left therefor, the plane wants to go left upon reaching a sufficient airspeed. In order to correct both of these things, add right rudder. Hope this helps.



The yaw occurs right around 50kts with no rotation on mine.

This is part of the physics I was asking about, I didn’t know if the developers added the physics for that particular effect.

They did. It happens to me to but being a real world pilot, I know how to correct for that. Just add right rudder and you should be fine. It take more than you think.



I’m in ground school currently, my first flight was grounded on Saturday with bad weather. Thanks for the info, see you up there one day!

Ah. Have fun. I am about to start my commercial/instrument next week in college.

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