Plane with the most range

I’m thinking it’s the 777-300 or the 787-9 what is actually the plane with the most range?

In game it is the Boeing 777-200LR. It can fly up to 15,840 kilometres.

Although technically it is the A340-500 however we don’t have that in game.


Check out this website linked above - it ranks the top 10 aircraft by range. It may vary in Infinite Flight, but for the most part, it should be accurate.

If you’d like to see the range appear in-game, feel free to vote on this feature request:

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If your talking about IF, I think either the A380 (getting a good 25 hours at initial cruise), or the 787-9 (getting like 20 something). In real life it’s currently the A340-500 IGW, with the A350-900ULR set to surpass it this year. However, the A340-500 has like 3 or 4 models still flying and the A350-900ULR hasn’t flown I think (correct me if I’m wrong), so many people consider the longest range plane (other than biz jets) the Boeing 777-200LR

There is no way a 77L has a range of 17,395 km (unless it was SERIOUSLY light). Even Boeing says it:
Range nm (km) 8,555 nmi (15,843 km)

Yes; it appears that there are some discrepancies between multiple sources. All say between 15,843km and 17,445km. If it were more towards 16,000km (which it probably is), it appears it would fall at #2, between the A345 and B789. It appears the longest flight the Boeing 777-200LR has completed was on November 10, 2005, flying a total of 21,601km flying from Hong Kong to London eastbound.

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It would be better to compare fuel burn/ total fuel, as it seems to be more accurate than just giving a distance. I doubt that they just fly until they run out of fuel, and that distance is affected by wind/temp as well. I’m guessing that the numbers online are “under standard conditions, the plane will fly this far”

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