Plane wings and engines turn black.

This is my problem:
Graphics on high or verry high ( look at the wings and engines ):

But if i have my graphics on medium it doesnt do that:

IF version is the latest
Devise: Asus ME301T
Anti-analising is ON

How to reconstruct:
Set graphics on high or very high and switch anti- analising On
Take the A320
And fly, thear is the problem.

I don’t have this problem what’s your device?

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The livery is AAL, isn’t it?

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Devise is Asus ME301T

No its the generic livery in both posts

Ok, because I only have this problem with the AAL.

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This does not happen on iPhone 5, iOS 9.2

I have a similar thing when spotting from Tower. It usually goes away though once the plane gets closer

It looks like the AAL livery.

But it isn’t the AAL livery, that bug makes the plane darker.

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