Plane / weather issues

Hello all, new to this and having great fun. Currently on my first Long haul flight (LAX - RJTT) a quick question…

Has anyone experienced engine or similar issues in a flight?

Also, is there anyway of notification of poor/severe weather during flight? Is there no radar feature? Would be really beneficial for altering flight plan/flight.

Thanks in advance to all

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There are external apps that can help with this. ‘Windy’ is a good iOS app. Below is a good website. You can also use SimBrief to create FPLs which account for wind.


There is currently no radar feature but you can check this website for winds:
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Much appreciated, thank you


Adding onto what Misha said, when using SimBrief, the flight plan it spits out provides weather charts for your entire route, which it can never hurt to take a quick look at before taking off. It does generally do a pretty good job of accounting for potential turbulence/jet streams by giving you different altitudes at different phases of flight, however I do recommend still looking at the weather charts just in case. Jet streams make for a very bumpy ride, not to mention hurting your fuel consumption.

Appreciate the response, thank you

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