Plane Veers During Takeoff

So when I takeoff in any plane regardless of make or model, weather, etc. it still veers to one side. I tried taking off with auto-coordination both on and off but it made no difference. Also, I use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick, so could that be playing a role in it? Also, is there any permanent solution to this? Thanks.

Hello and welcome! Make sure you use some rudder in there. ;D

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Did you calibrate it before takeoff?
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Some of this may have to do with winds as well. If one runway seems to have a bit more wind, try to use another one

Hold on to that rudder, use METARS to determine wind direction and runway choice, and also if you haven’t, try decoupling your alierons and rudder.

If you feel like you are still having an issue, send us a video please.

Thanks. And no I don’t calibrate it, as I use a joystick.

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What were the winds like? Let’s say the wind is above 6 knots which is quite often your plane was begin to veer. You have to use the rudder to maintain a straight heading on the runway based off the direction of the wind.

Alright. I’ve tried the coupling thing and that hasn’t changed anything unfortunately.

The winds were at like 2 maybe 4 knots at KSFO. I did use the rudder, but is there any permanent solution to this problem. Also, I use a joystick (A Logitech Extreme 3D Pro) so could that maybe play a role in it?

What plane were you in?

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I suggest taking off without the joystick and see how it goes. Even a little wind can have an impact on planes and require rudder to compensate.


A Boeing 737-900.

I also tried it without the joystick and the same thing happened :/

Could you possibly record it with touches enabled so we can see what you are doing?

Sure I’ll try

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This is due to a crosswind. At the bottom of your screen or below the airspeed is a monitor that tells you if you have so called bad winds. If the plane slightly veers of use a tad of rudder.

Another reason would be you haven’t calibrated your screen properly so just before you take off pause and calibrate your controls.

Cign (happy flying)

Don’t know if it was said but I heard align with center line and put heading activated then Takeoff and at whatever altitude chosen at your discretion you can take it off or what you chose

That’s a good idea but not realistic…

True true but it’s not realistic to steer to the grass and Takeoff hitting buildings, ground vehicles etc.

He He He something to consider 😋

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