Plane unable to steer upon landing

Hey guys not really the one to post in support category so please forgive me if it’s a little confusing. So recently on some of my flights when I land my plane I am unable to steer my plane upon touching the ground. There are a few times when I get some crosswind when landing and I don’t land right on the centerline so when I try to put the plane back on the line I am unable to move the plane and it usually rolls a little to the side before I get control. I use my rudder and move my device to try and get the plane back on the centerline but it doesn’t seem to work. Just wondering if this is a issue or if I’m doing something wrong when I land. This never happened to me before. Aircraft that i am using is A320 and A321 when this issue occurs.


The rudder has been changed in the latest update to be harder to control whilst going faster, this is for realism. Once you slow down the rudder will have more effect in slower speeds.

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Ok thanks any advice when landing to avoid my plane moving off the runway

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Like the wise man said:


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