Plane turning in rotate

Sometimes, when I takeoff, the plane pulls either to the left or right. Why is this happening? How do I prevent it? Thanks!

-Trey Weger

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Use more rudder and put your ailerons into the wind for a crosswind takeoff.

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Check the wind direction and use your rudder to counter act the wind

You will have to be careful with the rudders and pay attention to the wind direction and speed.

You will get it in no time

I recommend the official tutorial from Tyler.

Yeah I hand the same thing. This is how you fix it.
All you need to do is during takeoff you need to always put your finger on the rudder and you have to turn the rudder the opposite way.

You also might be rotating to early and might be stalling, because when you stall on takeoff the plane usually swings to one side.

Its to do with the physics of the aircrafts/ your not correcting it. usually pilots are very active during takeoff and always correcting to keep it strait so it could be that your not “flying it well enough”. you can always toggle heading mode on the AP and that could keep it pretty strait! Or adjust your rudders, and check wind speed! happy flying

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Even with AP heading on you will still need to use rudder.

that is very true

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