Plane-Train-TV’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I am closed

Airport: MMMX
Frequencies: Ground and Tower
Pattern Work? Yes
How Long will I be Open: 1 Hour
Status: Open
Remarks: I just passed my written exam, so now I am preparing for my practical. Please test me on everything. Thanks!

You need to close your thread …it’s been eight hours since MMMX… or acknowledge your change…as of this time… you are not open at KIND !

Actually, his thread needs to be closed for another reason, but I’ll let him disclose the reason. 🙂


Alright Matt🙂. I passed my practical, and now part of IFATC. Thanks to all who came out to my sessions, you’ve all made a difference! Can’t wait to be controlling all of you on Expert. Thanks!

A mod can close this. 🙂


Major congratulations! :)


So happy for ya!

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Congrats! Hope to join IFATC in the future as well!

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Congratulations and welcome to IFATC! 🎉

Making a return I see 👀


Why is this opened again?

The user probably had to leave the IFATC due to inactivity, looks like he’s making a return to continue his IFATC career :)

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oh ok thanks!

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Airport: KSAN
Frequencies: Ground and Tower
Pattern Work? Yes
How Long will I be Open: 30 min
Status: Closed
Remarks: thanks all who came out!

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Hey there! You did good just a few mistakes to work on

  • The transition altitude should’ve been 3,000 feet not 1,500 feet. The formula to solve transition altitude is this Airport’s Altitude + 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet = Your altitude for the transition . So in that case, KSAN’s airport altitude is about 17 ft so I’d add that and add 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet, I’d get 2,500 feet. But then, I’m not done. I have to round UP to the nearest 500. Then you get 3,000 feet. Which is your transition altitude.

  • I’m not sure why you gave Alaska 334 a frequency change approve command when he wanted to request departure to the north. You would say departure to the north is approved and then give him the frequency change approve command.

  • Only use after the option, make left/right traffic when someone is starting to fly some patterns. Or if someone request a runway change. So an example is let’s say I’m flying patterns at an airport on runway 22. And I want to switch to runway 15. So, you would first give me a pattern entry for runway 15. Next, you would give me what aircraft I’m following (If there’s traffic going to land on that runway.) If I’m the only one for that runway. You can just give me number 1. Next you would select cleared for the option. And then you’ll see after the option make left or right traffic. So then it’s your choice to either give me left or right traffic.

Now I’m sorry I went right instead of left. I wasn’t paying attention.

  • You gave me an exit runway command when I didn’t land completely Exit runway commands for commercial aircraft (example A320’s B737’s) should be given in between 70 knots and 40 knots. If it’s a general aviation aircraft (example TBM 930, C172’s) give them the exit runway command below 40 knots. If your late with the exit runway command below that speed. Don’t worry. Your ok, still give them the command. But if there on the taxiway, plus crossed the hold short line. Just give them to contact ground or Unicom.

See 3.5.1 for more details

Still open?

Apologies for the late retrail. No I am not.

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Please find attached my new thread. Thank you!