Plane to plane communication

We should be able to contact other aircrafts to find out exactly what they are doing. We could set it up like atc except to the other aircraft. How many times have you seen someone holding short of a runway, right in front of you and just sitting there? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to ask them what’s up?

This has been suggested in the past. Developer, Philippe, stated his opinion regarding this pilot to pilot communication or a form of multiplayer chat:

Wouldn’t be a bad idea, but there are some laws and other restrictions that won’t make this possible.


I would be setup like atc with commands you could send out to other aircraft then in return they would send you one they selected to


It’s a no from me. There would be to many complications (mainly Trolls) and it would also be a waste of time and resources.


So would it be like:
Sun Country 223: Good Day, Delta 940
Delta 940: Good Day


Solution? Rate the game as an adult game? NC16? PG-13? Or only allow such functions on the Expert server?


Wow that’s no fair
J.K. keeps serious people on only


Yep you got it you could also ask what they are doing like delta 754 say intentions- delta 754 holding short runway 07R

Pretty much too hard to implement without voice coms.

Only thing I see this being useful for is military interceptions.


Meh… Unicom is essentially that, and when there’s ATC, it’s much better…

Almost 2/3 of Infinite Flight players are childrens so I don’t see this would come soon. Remember, Some people may be scared when talking to strangers

It’s a nice idea though imho.


Maybe in expert server only

This feature gets even more interesting with the actual Tankers. Some simple commands for the refuelling coordination like: extend leg, or end refuelling might be good.


Have only selectable choices for tanker or military flights in formation. Not everyone can afford 2 devices for the simulator.


Seems like it would be useful only as something on Expert. I think that this would be abused on Training by trolls and on Casual, well,


Oh trust me, it’s everywhere…

I wonder if it can be a feature where we can just add our forum handle to our plane info. That way no communication takes place on the app but you have a way to contact them.

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Maybe it could be a text feature where it shows a list of aircraft, you can tap the name of one and pull it up, then type a message. It would be profanity-filtered and if somebody trolled (or repeatedly used profane language) then they would be banned for a period of time (1 day, 7 day, 2 week, 4 week, 6 month, or 1 year) depending on how severe it was.

It could be used like it is in the picture, or it could be linked to groups and so they could communicate without having to go back and forth!


Great idea and yes it would be nice.