Plane tires going into the ground when I land

I’ve noticed on some planes, whenever I land the landing gear goes into the ground. What is the cause of this problem?

Could you share a screenshot or video of this happening?

Ok, gimme a second

Here they are:

Clear your Cahe on IF then restart the App then it will be fixed

This sometimes happens when you land too hard.

Ok, thanks.

Hold on a second your gear wasn’t extended when you were landing open your gear when see the paps light not on the runway it shows in the first screenshot

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Agreed with @Pingu.

717 is one of the hardest planes to land, so next time, increase your speed and and push the nose up if you can

No, when I landed the wheels went through the ground, but I was still able to retract the gear.

This is most likely an issue regarding elevation/scenery. It can be fixed by clearing the scenery cache in the Infinite Flight settings.

was it a hard landing?

It also happens mostly when you land very overweight (Near the MTOW), usually your gear will sink on the ground but you will be able to continue your landing roll and even your taxi to parking.

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