Plane tilt

So as you can see in the picture, the plane tilts when I start to takeoff this also happens on landings too. Can someone explain to me what is happening please.

Hi is your device calibrated or do you have any positive trim?

I always calibrate before landing or taking off but i really need to learn more about trim(which could be the problem)

Were you in a crosswind?
And how fast were you going?

That photo was when the plane was not even moving

Another thing to check: does this happen at all airports?

Yea it happens often im just pointing it out now. And its not just the 757 too it also happens on the crj’s too

you can reset your inputs in the settings of the application and see if it works!

Ok i’ll try and do that and recreate it

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Trim isn’t the problem as trim controls the vertical rotation of the aircraft, not the roll. Is the weight and balance correct? You may have the left side of the aircraft loaded more than the right.

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Ohhhhh you know what, thats probably why because i was loading up the plane and it was synchronized but the front was at 5,000 and the back at 10,000 so im pretty sure thats the problem thank you!