Plane thumbnails are inaccurate (wrong engines, missing winglets, etc.)

The thumbnail of the AC A321 has the wrong engines:

EDIT: Other A321s have this, and A318 ACJ thumbnail has no winglets.


I’ll pass the message along to the developers. We appreciate you coming forward with this report! Thank you! 🙂

FYI: A321 aircraft with this issue:

  • Air Canada
  • British Airways
  • Cebu Pacific

Doesn’t this typically arise from last minute changes in development?

Not really. @DeerCrusher will pass the message on and they can look into it. Too early to tell why.


I believe the A318 ACJ livery 5 also has this issue, not with the engine though. The picture shows it has no sharklets, but when you fly, it does. Not sure if you know that though. I am sorry for writing this post if you do know. Also, I did not want to create a new topic, so I just put it on this one since it is kind of on the topic.

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Okay, basically thumbnails are not accurate, and that should be fixed.

It’s better than creating a whole new topic when you can just say it here (:

There’s an A318, I think it’s G-MISH(ACJ Livery 5) that has IAE Engines while there’s no such thing as A318s with IAE engines irl

Looks like your correct about the shark let’s and winglets

That’s not all that’s missing with it, I have reported that already to a developer though.

Engines are different too on thumbnail vs in if for a318 AJC livery 5 as well

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You would think that they would fix those! (They should)

Oh ! I did not realize that… Good eye

We’ll get these minor errors resolved overtime. Apologies for the missed details but our beta testers try their hardest to get these details ironed out during testing so that you guys don’t have to see them. Yes, its possible for some small things to pass through but we hope to get them taken care of overtime. You guys are helping improve the overall quality of Infinite Flight. Thanks for the support and understanding folks. It means a lot!