Plane takes off at 60 knots

My plane pitches the nose up at 60 knots sometimes. I am curious why this happens. I tried 3 takeoffs at JFK and all did this.

Aircraft type? If it is a normal jet you clearly have calibrated wrong or have the trim way too high, you’re not taking off but you have enough speed to lift the nose

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That happens with the C172.


Have you checked your weight? Aircraft Type?


make sure to calibrate your device before you take off

And what was the wind at 10 knots? 20 knots? 30? 40?

I’ve noticed this happens with the 767, even after calibrating. Happens almost instantly after you apply full throttle.

Flaps? Trim? Are any of those at unreasonable pitches?

787, Flaps 15 and 0 trim.

Seems about right, if I do that, I rotate around 150, check your weight

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My weight is 208,250 kg

Wind? That might be your problem.

Sure you calibrated correctly? because a 787 you should be needing +25% trim and not worry about early rotation

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When you rotate, try pitching less to avaoid a tail strike. For the 787 series I usually rotate at around 5 degrees pitch. A little more for the 788, a little less for the 78x

It’s because the elevators are stuck in max trim, calibration glitch I think. You either need to respawn or recalibrate

YES! I’m glad I’m not the only one. 737 went into a stall while taking off. I wasn’t expecting it since I was only at 60 knots. This was at DFW. I respawned to re calibrate but it happened again. Only a 9 knot head wind. It fixed itself when I changed airports


dont put throttle on full…

Seriously though, 80 - 95% is fine!!!

I only throttle at 90%

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