Plane swaying on A/P

Hi pilots,

In first i am very sorry I did not find the right answer in search function and also for posting this in ‘general’ because I didnt find ‘control’ or ‘steering’ submenu.

Please just move it to the right place then.

I am new to IF but not to aviation. Currently grade2 i am evolving to become grade3 soon. My problem i am facing is that the faster and bigger jet planes I tried (started with the slower propellors) are swaying/fluctuating when set on fully A/P. It’s annoying because the fuel calculation does not come to a certain value while the a/p constantly tries to manage height and speed, and does not get it stable.

I also made sure not to put to much weight/fuel or instable Front /back weights before takeoff.

I did not face such issues on Microsoft FS for example.

Am I missing something? Can you help me?

Kind regards

This is mainly because the aircraft you are referring to are unreworked and are really old, so there are many bugs and problems with them.

Also, it could either be because your speed is too fast/too slow or your aircraft is too heavy.

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Hi MisterButler,

Thank you very much for your fast response!
Ok, so I think it is the first thing you mentioned because with speed and weight I varied around much. Nevertheless I will wait for further answers to see if other pilots report the same experiences like yours.


What planes did you try?

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This was brought up before, mainly in the A321. I’ve personally had it on a few of my flights. Can you recall which aircraft you were flying?

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Hi Eric and ewan,

I made it simple - this is my flightlog.
That damn violation also was a follow from the miscontrol… Exclude the SOFIA, that was a mishap. A319 was heavily bumping, A318 a little better but still bad, and the 737 was the best of them. No problems with the citation!


A similar thing has been brought up, but not on the scale that it caused violations. I’ll leave this to the moderators.

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Also encounter this problem with the 737, when AP is engaged, the plane will bop up and down.

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Before the update when they added autopilot to the fighter jets, I was able to enable autopilot via a button on my joystick on the jets.
Now that, that was bobbing on a whole new level…

Anyway, yeah stuff like this has been brought up before, specifically the a321- ie this thread

And this one too

It really depends on what plane you are flying but eventually it will be patched when the planes are reworked 🙂

Why haven’t I experienced the same problem if it’s a bug? What device are you running?

The A321 has some recorded problems as mentioned above.

And that may be because Infinite Flight and MS Flight simulator are like comparing soccer and ice hockey, different platforms, different developing luxuries.


As many have stated this is a known issue as the many, many, many other threads that have been started about it. The 321 is the main one but there are a few others. Sometimes the weight has to do with it but it is a known issue and the devs are continuing to look into it.

There is no update or ETA at this time.