Plane Suggestions

that’ll be a great route to fly!

Wait auto land?? Where? Is it that button that says APPR?

Yes, that one. You configure the aircraft for landing on the ILS and hit that button and watch the aircraft land itself. Everything have to be on point (ILS, Flaps, speed etc) or the airplane will act funny

Yes, pressing that button will activate auto land (make sure you have the right runway selected). There is a tutorial for it.

Ooooooo what the heck I never knew all I knew was everytime I pressed it, it would tell me my plane was fat and turn off my autopilot so I avoided it

You need to be under MLW for it to work I think. I never use that, I always land manually.

What that’s impossible I can never acheive MLW without sacrificing passengers😭

guys back on topic, this topic is about plane suggestions not appr

There’s an audio land button

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787 has a beautiful cockpit and smooth to fly but it isn’t much different than the other jetliners, I still think the Q is your best bet. And second place is the 78

I actually like flying the E-190 as it is fun to fly and is easy to land

You just stated how it’s different from the other jet liners😂 By saying it flies smooth and has a beautiful cockpit trust me the dash8 will be useless for global unless all you’re gonna fly is regional flights

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Regional flights will be the core of global, nobody wants every flight to be 10 hours long because you couldn’t use your tablet for anything else. The Q mixes things up and I think it will fit in perfectly with global.

I think you should not get the C-130 series or DASH 8, just because I’m assuming you’d like to use long range jets in global. So the MD-11 and DC-10 will be out soon, and those are personally some of my favorite planes and I think they have lots of great liveries, plus they’ll have the newest physics. The 787 series is also a great choice but honestly the look is not the best, although I do love them! Now the 777 is really above all here. You’ve got so many liveries on the 777-300ER and a cockpit that is fairly decent with amazing physics and awesome range for global.

So either MD-11 or 777-300ER

747 series needs to be updated although the -200 is cool.

Okay you have a point there but who says you can’t enjoy the 787’s fluidity on a short haul flight? It’s more versatile because, either you can fly short, medium, long or ultra long hauls in the 787 where as the Dash8 is limited to just short hauls🤷🏻‍♂️ Just saying…

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This isn’t entirely true, you could play video games while you wait on a console or PC. Do some work around the house, count sheep, watch Netflix. Endless possiblities to kill time.

Except you don’t see the 787 landing on a 4000 foot runway while the Q can.

But for 10 hours? Won’t it get boring after some time?

You underestimate me lmao I’ve landed a 787 on shorter strips of land😉

Probably, but I’m sure lots will still do it. Also you can slee which is not reccomended but not illegal.