Plane Suggestions

I’m planning on buying my first plane to increase the fleet. Any suggestions on what to buy? Don’t care if GA, commercial, military, anything is fine.



787 // preferably the -8 or -9


787, A320s, 777… most are quite good but just avoid the A330 and A340. 😉


787 or a320 family (a318,a319,a320,a321)

I recommend the a320 and 787-9

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I, personally, would buy the 787-9

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If you are able to wait a little bit, the DC-10 / MD-11 is being released soon.

If you want something now, I would suggest the 747 or the 757. Both are easy to handle, fun to fly, and have very nice graphics and liveries.

since global is close, I would recommend getting the 777 (777-300er prefer) or one of the 787s. the 777-300er has a lot of routes in real life that you can do with the airlines in IF.
Such as Singapore to milan with Singapore airlines 777-300er or Adelaide to Dubai with emirates 777-300er!


The 787-9 is perfect. It is honestly the best 787 because the -8 is too short and the -10 is too long plus the -9 has the most range, perfect for global. It’s like goldilocks, “just right”

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The -400 is already free though, no reason for another one unless the different selection of liberties and overall look is worth the $5

I just realized that’s what yu meant by “the other one”

Personally, I bought the -200 for the extra liveries. The old Pan Am livery, among many other historic planes. Also, the -200 is a little different than the -400. The -400 's engines are much more powerful, and its takeoff weight is higher.

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Look at aircraft families, if the A321 is free there is no reason to buy the A320 unless you specifically like the different liveries. Same with the 747s, I suggest you get the Q400 as it is mixing things up. The Q is very unique in the game and has a good variety of liveries, and has very good flight charistics and a updated cockpit.


I highly recommend the 777 family, A340, or the A320 family.

That is fine, but I wouldn’t go buy the -200 to mix things up.

I find it interesting how people have very different opinions from each other. I think I’ll go with the 787-9 though, it seems to be the most popular aircraft. Who knows, maybe I’ll get two😁


Get the 787-9. I was gonna say the a320 but since you have the a321 already, go with something different… the 787-9 like others said. The Dash 8 is also a nice aircraft like Kevin said and it handles really well, but almost no one use it anymore, I love mine and I keep flying it.


787 or 777 I would chose the 787 because that’s the first l got

I would highly recommend the 777 or 787, they are high quality, a beauty to fly, and have auto land in case you want to use it.

And it was awsome it was a 787-9

Gotta love the Emirates 777-300ER. I plane on doing a flight from Seattle to Dubai when global is released.