Plane suggestion

Guys which plane should I pick to buy out of Boeing or airbus family that has autoland. I’m getting pro tomorrow so please give me suggestions.

When you purchase Pro you get all planes! No need to choose to buy one or the other.


Oh what is that why it costs so much?

The cost is mainly for the world wide scenery along with all the planes. You also will get the new planes/updates as they come out.


It costs as much as it does because unlike Global, in Solo you only get certain default aircraft/aircraft you previously bought before Global. All other aircraft are unlocked during your subscription to Live, and unlike Solo, the entire planet is available for you to fly. When Global came out, anybody that downloads IF only have access to the default aircraft and certain regions you can fly in, so they can only get all aircraft and no region barriers through Live.

As for suggesting your aircraft, I’d say go with something that fits your route. I hoped this helped, and enjoy your time in Global!

Also, if you were at all interested in it, ATC is also only accessible with Pro Subscriptions.

IF is gonna be expensive until IF LLC gets enough money to send a satellite into space to take their own pictures for scenery 🤷‍♂️

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I just wrote this post for a new user and I think this may benefit you as well. Enjoy Global!!

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