Plane stuck in ground

Hey right now im controlling on TS at EGLL and MOHAMED flight of 3 is stuck in ground and it keeps flickering is there a way anybody can do something if able? Its really anoying to controll. :)

Im not in the aircaft somone else is and its there for about 30 mins …

I dont think you can do anything except reset the flight…

Im controlling someone else is in the ground :)

Well, there is nothing you can do, unless their display name is on the IFC, then contact them on the IFC.

Cant find him probably doesnt have IFC account…

The person flying that aircraft needs to end the flight. They’ve obviously crashed or whatever but can’t be bothered to quit the game.

He crashed 30 mins a go and still didnt end flight thats why its anoying :)

Do you have a pic?

It’s one of those things.

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Take a look now. Is it better?


Perfect thank you!!


No problem. Glad to help.


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