Plane stops unrealistically short on landing

(Specs IPad Pro (old) latest OS) I am landing an Air China 747-8 and when I land it stops unrealistically short on the runway like still in the squares short… I have seen this bug/glitch before on my landing practice…

This is not a bug. I guess you’re probably using full reverse thrusters?

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Ate you landing in the right area? Are you using full reverse thrust? Did you use reverse thrust past 60GS?

Can you please be abit more specific?

Are you applying full reverse thrust and applying the breaks as soon as you touch down? Myself personally I only apply around 80 percent reverse thrust, depending on the runway length, and I don’t apply the breaks until I’m around 50/60 knots IAS. To make my stops more realistic.

Also check your weight settings if your quite light, you will stop quite quick.

Try any of the above and see if it changes anything.


I landed on the big white rectangles put on brakes and did full reverse thrust

Then that’s your issue, try using my above method and see if anything changes :)

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That’s your problem don’t put full reverse thrust and wait till your nose is on the ground

Did you land with APPR?

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No I did not use APPR


There is no APPR on the 747.


Did you point your device down

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Don’t hit the brakes


Don’t use full reversers. Stop the reversers at about 70 knots, and switch to the brakes. Not the button, but by sliding down on the rudder.


Use your breaks when at 50-40 knots.

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@Stmaarten1778 Thank you for posting your concerns in Support.

The issue that you described is not a glitch. When you land, simply use reverse thrust to slow down. Once you slow to 75-85 KIAS, then apply the brakes and disengage the thrust reversers. This will give you a more realistic stopping distance. The stopping distance will also change depending on the weight of your aircraft.

Hopefully this answers your concern about the stopping distance. If you have any further questions, feel free to send me a PM.

Thank you,