Plane startup

Can someone explain to me why sometimes I load into a flight and go into system, press electrical there would be a main battery and apu but sometimes it would be master switch

there would be a main battery and apu but sometimes it would be master switch

thats glitched… cant u see the contrast in cockpits

I think the APU is only on the 772, can someone correct me if I’m wrong?

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i believe ur right, but that first shot is like photoshopped

The first one is that of a 787

The more recent planes will have a battery and APU, older ones like the 787 don’t have that feature yet. More specifically, the 777, 737 all variants, A350, and A320 and variants all have it. I believe that’s it.


look at the contrast tho, the cpit looks split in half

And a350 has it

Does it? Last time I flew it, it didnt

It’s on select aircraft or aircraft that have an APU in real life. I’m not sure if all aircraft with an APU in the fleet have this yet.

I flew it last night and it did

Only planes with an updated live cockpit have APU

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Planes which have live cockpit have APU.


And 737 and a320 series

As more planes updated and get live cockpits many planes will get APUs. However I think the 787 cockpit is pretty nice compared to some of the others.

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787 Cockpit could easily be upgraded in the next update, it is all 3D, the only thing it needs is Live instruments. Before live cockpits on commercial aircraft the 787 had the nicest cockpit

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True but if you see cockpits like the a380 well that speaks for itself

only aircraft with live cockpits have APUs and MASTER/MAIN BATT

all others only have the MASTER SWITCH

the B787 family also needs a physics overhaul, truck tilt, and perhaps might even warrant a new model, which is why that won’t come til at least next year im betting, since its already one of the more advanced aircraft. they’ll likely prioritize the more outdated aircraft.

the 787 family is in similar standing to the CRJ family, and i bet those two will ship in the same major update in December 2021

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