Plane starts wobbling around m, looses airspeed and eventually stalls

so i recently flew from VTBS to EDDF and eveytime I go with a 747 or a350 the plane starts wobbling around line crazy, looses airspeed and stalls, while there’s no winds or turbulences. Can someone please explain that to me?

What’s your airspeed, altitude and weight? Most common issue is that you’re overweight and too heavy for a high altitude so you stall.


That could be the issue on my recent flight, though when I did a flight from YSSY to VTBS with the 744(nearly identical weight)there we‘re no problems at all, though when I flew from KEWR to WSSS with full fuel but no pax or cargo it happend too.

the cause of stall is probably how heavy you are and that you are climbing too fast, when you takeoff use a lower VS. also when your doing these flights with a lot of fuel make sure you start at a lower altitude and if you have time once halfway through your flight you can step climb. hope this helps!

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ok thanks!

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so for example on your flight EDDF - VTBS start with your altitude 31,000 or 33,000. once halfway through your flight you can climb higher. and make sure your speed isn’t too low, for A350 use M.84/M.85 for a longer flight like that :)

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though I started with around those parameters.

What stage of the flight is this at? Climb or cruise?

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cruise at 35.000 ft

What was your aircraft load? (You can find it in the weight settings while you’re parked on the ramp, or put the percentage on your flight information bar at the bottom of your screen)

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