Plane starts to push into the grass while taking off on center line

Make sure all your controlls settings are fine here

Yep, it looks exactly like that

Heres mine

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Then I’m not sure what’s going wrong here with you

Are you holding your finger on the rudder at all? You might be inadvertently adding left rudder

Also a replay would be helpful to try and identify the problem

Try taking off with an empty aircraft no passengers and no cargo 30% fuel , I find some aircraft are out of balance .

I can’t reproduce the problem. I can when there is a crosswind. Perhaps the 0kts is a glitch and should be a number?

No rudder was applied, that was my first thought of why it was doing that but then I tested it and found out that it was not it.

Its not weight related, I tried that

I have a replay file, though it wont let me send it here… Do you have Discord?

You could always try and use the following resource to share your replays. Share My Infinite Flight

Here is a quick guide on how to use this.

Well this could be your issue as well. At 175 a 737 is going to be pretty light on its wheels so any factor acting to push it either side would cause an issue. That’s why the rudder is there to keep the plane pointing where you want, use it.

As shown in previous comments, I tried to rotate at 140 knots instead and still the same issue. Never goes to the right only the left. Im thinking its the coupled ailerons setting maybe?

Have you turned that off? There is a setting for that, it will improve the planes controllability on takeoff and landing dramatically. I always forget that’s on by default.

Nope lol. I forgot to do that

your left tire exploded. too hard landing lol jk.

How dare you lol

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