Plane starts to push into the grass while taking off on center line

When I takeoff, with any aircraft, it always happens… Like today when I tried to experiment and takeoff with a light B737 at San Diego International Airport (KSAN) at 175 knots I rotated and as I did… The plane shifted left like all the other aircraft, how can I prevent this?

Note: I was perfectly on the center line, smooth rotation and had takeoff flaps set. Airport was monitored by Expert Server ATC with active ATIS information, runway 27 active for Arrivals and Departures

175kts is high rotation speed for the 737, thats the reason why the aircraft shifted to the left. Try rotating at 135-141kts

175kts is fast for a light 737. What was the winds and were u using rudder?

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Tried that as well, i dont think its the speed

The speed will have a big impact on that sway

Depending on the wind direction and speed, the airplane might need more rudder corrections. Usually, smaller planes tends to get influenced more by the wind compared to heavier planes.

This does not belong in support btw this is not a technical issue

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Ive tried changing the aircraft, the weight, the rotation speed and the rudder movements.

do you have a video of your takeoff? or could you get the replay perhaps?

I could get one for you if you’d like?

But also, as mentioned above, 175kts is way too fast for a 737 takeoff speed, try rotating at 135-140kts with flaps 10, maybe get a bit of trim if needed but you should never be on the ground at 175kts (with that specific aircraft type).

that would help if possible :)

Sorry for in the replay I did some aggressive maneuvers because I was multitasking. But the takeoff is normal. It wont let me send it, you have Discord?

well i looked over the replay and i couldnt see anything unusual besides the veering off to left right before rotation. any mods have a fix or anything to help? @moderators

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You probably are taking off with a strong crosswind component, other thing which can happen is you are not calibrating your device just before takeoff in order to make sure your yoke is at the perfect position for you to takeoff. Hope this helps!

Sounds like you had a crosswind. The veering off the runway meant that you didn’t have enough rudder to combat the crosswind. Also, as stated by some people, 175kts is too fast for the 737. For a crosswind take off tutorial in the 737 watch this video by Infinite Flight themselves. Try follow these steps and see if you can reproduce the issue:

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@Collins4486 and @Divyansh_Tandon heres a screenshot from his replay, absolutely zero wind at all😐 which makes this all the more confusing.

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In that case as i said above either he did not calibrates his yoke before taking off or the settings of his controlls are messed up which he can change manually if these two are not the case then im not sure what’s going on😅😂

I use A/P (Heading only ) when taking off…that may help…

It’s a wind gust and your not aiming with the small circle that has the two dihedral wings that shows you where the aircraft is going during landing. You also have to use it during take off cause as soon as the main landing gears pickup or lift off the circle with the dihedral wings appear and it shows you if there is going to be sway.