Plane stalls out every time I click short final

Hello! I mostly use this app for landing planes and not doing full flights I just like landing planes in this game. In the file attached below, you can see in the first attempt, I didn’t touch the throttle at all, and the plane stalled out. On the second attempt, I had to vigorously put the plane to TOGA just so it wouldn’t stall. Any ideas?

check your weight and balance make sure your not to heavy

You are going to slow so yea you have to use throttle… you cant land without throttle on real final either

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Welcome to the community! It would help to know what plane you are using. I see you are at ~90knots, which is far too slow for final approach for large aircrafts. In addition, using trim would help. If you could provide the aircraft, I can provide further help.

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The “short final” button spawns you in at an airspeed depending on the temperature.

You have your temperature set to -90 c, which is why you’re spawning only 100 knots.

If you set your temperature to something less extreme such as 15 c, you will spawn at a more appropriate speed.


why did they make it like that?

Idk I keep crashing on final

Because air is denser at lower temperatures, meaning lower speed for a set amount of lift. That’s also why you see flights being cancelled due to excessive heat.

Remember to calibrate properly

oh okay cool