Plane stalling without any reason

Hello aviators. So today, i was on a short flight from Honolulu to Hilo with a crj200. And after i took off from Honolulu, suddenly my aircraft was banking left and right. And the stall warning was coming. What the hell is this? I am seeing this problem from 21.4. I didn’t report before because, I thought the problem will be solved in new update.

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There are a lot of factors at play if a stall warning comes on. What was your aircraft load, speed, altitude and speed of climb did you have set when this occurred?


Do you have PRO? Because if not, you may have entered a pro-only area, and then the game tries to kill your plane

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My aircraft was like around 21,000kg total. And when i took off my speed was at 142kts or something. I don’t remember.

Did you have any flaps extended?

No. I don’t have it. And also i wasn’t in pro area.

Yeah. Just now i realised i should keep my flaps at 8. But i kept it in 20.

We always learn from our mistakes next time you know you will set it to 8

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Sure. I will. 😇

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This likely is not a factor. More flaps tend to give you more lift, if anything. But anyway I tried your weight and had no trouble controlling the crj200 even if held at 142kts while continuing ascent, both with flaps of 8 and 20. Even with zero flaps I could keep it flying more or less.

Sudden wind changes can push you toward a stall, but you’d see that as a change in indicated speed.

What was your pitch?
What was your power(N1/throttle percentage)?

I don’t need any help anymore. I guess that was just a bug. I will just forget about it. Thanks. But my pitch was at 20%. And N1 throttle percentage 91%

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sounds normal


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