Plane stalled when i was doing an overnight

Hey i was doing an overnight and when i woke up i received a violation for speed. I watched the replay and saw that my plane stalled when i was sleeping. I received a violation and now im back to grade 2. I can send the replay if you want.

To prevent this, make sure to start at a lower altitude and only go further up the lighter you get. This is called step-climbing and is especially useful on medium- to long-haul flights.
It also depends on the aircraft, the A330 for example, is a relatively weak aircraft and hence needs to start lower compared to similar aircraft.

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Do you know when i can fly on expert server again?


Unfortunately, all system-generated Level 1 violations are not eligible for appeal - except if it’s an issue with the app itself that has caused a violation.

In the future, follow @MxP’s recommendations for step climbing and it shouldn’t be a problem again.

As for when you’ll get back on the expert server, we’d need to have a look at your grade table, to determine exactly when that’ll happen.

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Thank you🙌

Violation under review. Thanks!