Plane stalled and crashed from cruise

I was flying on Expert server from Singapore to Colombo on a A333, and I was at cruise at FL400 and left my device unattended because my flight was already cruising, so I assumed nothing would happen. And by the time I came back and checked my flight crashed and I recieved 3 violations… and just went from Grade 5 to Grade 2… idk how this happened. Is there a way to remove those violations because I feel it was not my fault. Thank you… and here is my replay:

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40,000 is probably too high if you had lots of extra fuel, passengers and cargo

Or if you were cruising at a slow Airspeed


I was following and had more than enough fuel

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you were wayy to high for cruise in the A333. You should consider step climbing to that atlitiude or cruising at a lower altitude such as FL 320


yes, I did actually step climb to that altitude

the A330 is sensitive to weight . See this link.

Sometimes fpltoif gives you info with 0 cargo which makes your flight a lot lighter. For example, today I flew from PHKO-KOAK in an MD-11 and Fpltoif said to cruise at 41,000 feet but I had cargo so I could barely maintain M.80 at 34,000 feet

Alright. Does anyone know when I will get my grade 5 back?

Well, depends on what your stats table says. If you do not know how to interpret it, send me a PM with a screenshot and I can tell you what needs to happen.

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Hapens to me,mostlikley due dirty screantouch which disabaled your autopilot

At 40K feet the a333 easily stalls. Especially if u HV a high VS. Fly the a333 at no more than FL360. Higher than that and the plane is bound to stall and u will get subsequent violations.

Is pretty low for an A333 normally they would initial cruise at FL340 or FL360

Don’t ever leave or stop continous monitoring of an FIP on ES or TS unless you are prepared for the likely possibility of unforeseen circumstances and can accept the potentially negative consequencies of them

Yeah, it’s unfortunate… didn’t realize A333 could not sustain 400FL… Learning lesson for me.

You should be able to cruise comfortably at FL400, I did Perth to Colombo and my last altitude was FL400 with step climbing from FL300 to FL360 to FL380 and then finally FL400. I landed normally after 7hrs of flying. This is really strange unless you didn’t check the weight, it happened to me before from FL410 but I noticed and descended to FL390 and that was the exact same plane. I also landed that flight comfortably

I did step climb until 400FL. I had 12 hours of fuel for a 4 hour flight. Is that too much?

Yeah, way too much

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Oops… shouldn’t do that ever again

You only need around 6-7hrs of fuel on a 4hr route

Settled :)