Plane stall in solo mode on final


Hello everyone I would like to see if someone could help me out here in infinite flight I like to practice my landings in solo mode now when I press final the speed seems to drop causing the plane to stall I have no turbulence on.


When you press final? What do you mean? Also you are gonna stall if you are going 98 knots in that aircraft.

What aircrafts are you using?

The suggested landing speed for you aircraft is around 150-155 knots.

Your OAT is -90. Fix the temperature in the weather tab to get a more suitable speed. It takes OAT into consideration when calculating the speed


Yes it’s short final on solo mode

Ok I’ll try that and see if that helps thanks

@Asher Thanks heaps man I thought it was something wrong with the game now it works

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No problem. Enjoy!

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Also go faster, 98 knots is SUPER slow

Isn’t that the infamous InfiniteFlight_17

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