Plane stabilization help

Whenever I get to my cruising altitude my plane can never stabilize and it just keeps going up and down a few hundred feet the whole time.

Hey! What aircraft was this with and what speed were you flying at?

What sort of altitude? It could be that your aircraft is close to stalling.

Like I could be in a 738 and be going M0.81

The 737 family has a cruising speed between M.79-80 but that wouldn’t be the cause of this. Did you have flaps deployed?

No I didn’t

What altitude were at? It sounds like you were flying too fast.

Hey! Hope this helps you out. Why is my plane's nose shaking up and down erratically?

Probably your aircraft is too heavy???

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Hey, increase your sensitivity when you’re on the cruise level, see if that solves

Sensitivity does not affect AP.

Flying fast shouldn’t cause instability on most planes. There are some planes that can get unstable if you get excessively fast, but that’s when you go 100% throttle (eg. the A333 going M2.0 before they derated the engines)

Yes, I thought so too, but the sensitivity affects the AP.

Hmmmm. Did you like have any winds possibly ?

What’s your weight and altitude? If you are too heavy at too high of an altitude, that vertical motion is probably an indication of an upcoming stall. Disregard the messages regarding sensitivity, wind, and speed. Those shouldn’t be the culprit to bobbing motion. Yes M.81 is over the standard cruise speed, but I believe it’s under the max cruise speed.

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