Plane Spotting @ YUL 09/07/17

Here’s some photos from a plane spotting at Montreal P. E. Trudeau Airport! (YUL) Enjoy these photos!

Lufthansa A340-300 wearing Star Alliance colours!

Air France B787-9! First time seeing this airline

Air Canada B787-8 arriving from Shanghi! Now that’s a long flight…

Air China B777-300ER!

Air Transat A330-200! One of the many that I saw that day.

Qatar B777-300ER! First time spotting this airline.

Air Canada B777-300ER! Very large, loud plane

Air Canada Express Q200! It certainly was a nice break from all the heavies.

I hope you all enjoyed the photos! For your information, I use a Nikon D5100 with either an 18-55mm wide angle lens or a 55-300mm telephoto lens. My home town and main spotting location is Calgary, and these photos from Montreal are a one time thing. Thanks for taking time to read, see you in the next post!


Great shots, the quality of your pictures are lovely! If you ever go to Vancouver, the international terminal there is a great spot to watch planes landing and taxing to the gate.

Keep up the nice work!
-Cheers, Moosehead08


Thanks for your kind words! I was at Vancouver last year to do some spotting, and I found that on Templeton was a great spotting location. Thanks buddy!


Really good shots. If I did spotting all it would be is Qantas/Link and Virgin Australia!


Nice pictures, I feel there’s not lot of plane spotting done in the country of Canada


Woah, awesome pictures that you have gotten there!


Oh my, that Air Canada 777-300ER is gorgeous. Well done! 😍

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They are really nice thanks for sharing with us

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So many 777s and 787s! The Air France 787 livery in particular looks beautiful in real life. Air Canada Q200 is pretty cute! Great shots.


These are some truly amazing photos! I did notice that some of your photos could use a bit of editing, and a bit underexposed. If you are ever wanting help editing, I can help with that. I also have a spotting guide that could come in handy on my profile.


BTW I love that Air Canada 787

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It’s not that long actually.

Great pictures. Loved the Air Transat. Keep 'em going!

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@Qantas737guy @ORDspotter @mattrich @Gavin_Hertel @Murfjet14 @anon31652286 @nicochile2 thanks for all the kind words!

@JRRaviation Thank you! These are the unedited, straight off the camera photos. Still trying to tweak the settings to get them exactly how I want them! I will DM you however for editing tips…


These pictures are very nice. I love them!!! Keep up the good work!!

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Some really great shots!! The Air Transat A332 is my favourite :)

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The flight time from shanghi to Montreal is 13 houars and 25 minutes

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